[1] Be Same
[2] Bésame

'BESAME' is both an artistic moniker +
experimental production project under the creative direction of Vanessa Nguyen.

"BE SAME BESAME" is  a play on words, 
a bilingual homograph, where in English reads, "BE SAME" and in Spanish reads, "BÉSAME" or ~kiss me~. Not only does the phrase encompass an idea of duality--one in which is both inescapable & essential to life, but "BE SAME BESAME" also alludes to Vanessa's traditional artistry and honest approach, as well the sweet (yet hah in yaface) lil thangs that she produces.

"BESAME presents" 
"BESAME presents" started as a grassroots event curation experiment that not only features local art and music, but now also traverses city and state lines. BESAME hosts an amalgamation of community events, from live music performances to pop-up art exhibits. The goal is to expose new talent and ideas to a multiplicity of crowds, thereby creating refreshing dialogue that stems from immediate difference. 


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