[1] Be Same
[2] Bésame

'BESAME' is both an artistic moniker +
experimental production project under the creative direction of Vanessa Nguyen.

"BE SAME BESAME" is  a play on words-- 
a bilingual homograph, where in English reads, "BE SAME" and in Spanish reads, "BÉSAME" or *~kiss me~*. Not only does the phrase encompass an idea of duality, but "BE SAME BESAME" also alludes to Vanessa's approach to art + production. Taoist principles strongly influence her style: embracing the positive in conjunction with the negative. Countering energies make up the universe, and this duality is both inescapable & essential to life. 

BESAME's style entertains traditional artistry ("be same"), as well as the sweet ("bésame") gatherings produced. However she acknowledges that humans can't forever "be same", as we're always growing and changing. Life isn't always sweet like "besame/kiss me". If you get the chance to meet her humour (either via her art or persona), you'll soon learn to accept this too. ☯

"BESAME presents" 
"BESAME presents" started as a grassroots event curation experiment featuring new art and music. BESAME hosts an amalgamation of community events, from live music performances to pop-up art exhibits. The goal is to expose new talent and ideas to a multiplicity of crowds, thereby creating refreshing dialogue that stems from immediate difference. 

She has now moved forward producing events with her art collective, Le Vanguard. Starting in 2015, the collective has now expanded across the country to 6 major metropolises: Bay Area, New York City, San Diego; Los Angeles; New Orleans; and Austin. 

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